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What is the Greek Alumni Challenge?
Greek alumni are being challenged to increase their giving rate to Georgia Tech’s annual Roll Call. The fraternity and sorority chapters in each of our four leagues with the highest percentage of participation amongst their alumni will earn up to $5,000 in much-needed funding from the Georgia Tech Alumni Association! Greek alumni traditionally support Roll Call at a rate much greater than the general alumni population, and Greek alumni are now being challenged to raise their participation even higher. A gift not only supports Georgia Tech’s academic mission, it helps your fraternity or sorority, too!

How does the challenge work? 
At the conclusion of the current Roll Call (which ends on June 30), the three organizations in each league with the highest percentage of alumni who have made a gift will be rewarded. Fraternities and sororities are divided into four separate leagues, T H W and G, based upon the number of alumni for each fraternity. This funding can be used however the organizations choose.

1st place receives $5,000
2nd place receives $2,000
3rd place receives $1,000

Only social Greek organizations with at least 75 solicitable alumni are eligible, and all gifts made by Greek alumni to the current Roll Call count. Participation rates are based upon fraternity/sorority affiliation noted in our database. Gifts may not be made on behalf of other alumni. Prize money will only be awarded to organizations in good standing. If a winning organization is not currently in good standing at Georgia Tech, the prize money will be held and awarded when the organization is reinstated.

How is the Greek organization credited for my gift? 
Greek organization membership is already noted on the records of alumni, and the chapter automatically receives credit for your participation in the Greek Alumni Challenge.

How can I help?
If you are not already a Roll Call donor this year, make your gift now. Once you’ve made a gift, spread the word to your fellow alumni to help your chapter win! The organizations that won last year did so by utilizing email, social media, and personal contacts.

Where does my organization currently stand? 
View Roll Call Greek Alumni Challenge Standings

Contact Ron Davis, Annual Fund Coordinator, at for any questions or assistance.