Each year, Georgia Tech Alumni Networks and Affinity Groups offer scholarships to incoming and current Georgia Tech students from around the country.

Any student who has applied to Georgia Tech is eligible to apply for a scholarship. Students may apply for all three scholarships as long as they meet the criteria as specified.
Examples of scholarships offered include:
Georgia Tech Alumni Network Scholarships: offered by geographically based groups of Georgia Tech alumni. These networks provide scholarships to incoming Georgia Tech freshmen who live and have attended high school in their network area.

Georgia Tech Alumni Corporate Network Scholarships: available to incoming Georgia Tech freshmen who have an immediate relative who is currently employed or retired from either AT&T, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, or Southern Company. You will need to indicate your relative’s name, their relationship to you, and their title while at the corporation.

Georgia Tech Black Alumni Organization (GTBAO) Scholarships: endowed by Black Alumni to support incoming freshmen and current students.
Georgia Tech Women Alumnae Network (GT WAN) Scholarships: available to Georgia Tech female students in their 3rd year or higher who meet certain requirements.
Interested in making a donation to one of these scholarships? Contact the president or scholarship chair of each group to find out how you can help support a Georgia Tech student.