Board of Trustees


The Alumni Association is governed by a 45-member board of trustees. This includes nine members on the Executive Committee and 36 trustees on the board. Certain ex-officio positions include leadership from the Institute and the GT Foundation. Trustees are expected to attend quarterly meetings, serve actively on board initiatives and committees and further the mission of the Association.

Trustees are elected on staggered three-year terms with 12 new members selected each year. Nominations begin in January. Nominees must be Tech alumni and have a significant record of supporting the Institute. The nominating committee of the board meets in April and selects a slate of candidates from the nominations. Selections are made based on service to Georgia Tech and the Alumni Association, activities in communities and professions and philanthropy to Roll Call.

Alumni may review and vote on the slate of candidates beginning late April. Alumni will be emailed when voting opens. If you do not have a current email address on file, please update your information at

For more details, email Emily Newman   


Andrea L. Laliberte   
IE 1982, MS IE 1984

Benton J. Mathis, Jr.
IMGT 1981
Past Chair

David A. Bottoms
MGT 2001
Chair Elect/Vice Chair Roll Call

Bird D. Blitch
IE 1997
Vice Chair/Finance

Members At Large

Jeni S. Bogdan
MGT 1989, MS MOT 1996

Elizabeth Bulat Turner, Esq.
IAML 2004

James L. Mitchell
CE 2005

Tyler A. Townsend
IE 1998

Joseph P. Irwin
IMGT 1980
President & CEO


Stanley E. Anderson
IMGT 1975

Dorothy B. Autin
ChE 1980

Lee A. Baker
IE 1990

Julian Alexander Brown III
MGT 1997

Frank T. Campos
EE 1980, MS MOT 1996

Katie C. Davidson
MGT 1989

Richard DeAugustinis
IE 1992

W. Keith Edwards
ICS 1989, MS ICS 1991, PhD CS 1996

D. Shawn Fowler
MGT 1988

Jeffrey V. Giglio
EE 1977

Samuel L. Gude III
MBA 2008

Julie E. Hall
PHYS 1999

Cathy P. Hill
EE 1984

Lara O'Conner Hodgson
IE 1993

Ronald L. Johnson
MS OR 1985

Plez A. Joyner
EE 1989

Garrett S. Langley
EE 2009

Mark E. Ligler
ME 1976

Wonya Y. Lucas
IE 1983

Robert D. Martin
IE 1969

George R. Mason
IE 1992

Thomas J. O'Brien
IE 1981

Shantan R. Pesaru
CMPE 2005

Amy H. Phuong
INTA 2005, MBA 2014

Vicky S. Polashock
CHE 1990, PhD CHE 1995

W. Jud Ready
MATE 1994, MS MATE 1997, PhD MSE 2000

John L. Reese III
BC 1980

Valerie M. Rice
CHEM 1983

Kary E. Saleeby
NE 1977, MS ME 1978

Ricardo Salgado
IE 2000

John W. Simmons, Jr.
EE 1988

Jocelyn M. Stargel
IE 1982, MS IE 1986

James F. Stovall IV
CS 2001

Mayson T. Spellman
MGT 2005

Kristen M. Thorvig
STC 1998

David P. Touwsma
IE 1997