Association Staff


The staff of the Alumni Association is your connection to Tech. If you have a question about our programs, Georgia Tech, or our alumni, we can help.

Georgia Tech Alumni Association
190 North Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30313-2550



Joe Irwin      
IMGT 1980
President & CEO

Emily Newman      
Executive Assistant to the President


Allison Hickman      
MGT 1989
Chief Financial Officer

Ginger Amoni      
Director of Accounting and Human Resources

Nancy Farr      
Customer Service Specialist

Michelle Martin      
Customer Service Specialist

Chris Rettkowski      
Director of Facility Services


Matt Bain      
MGT 2001, MBA 2010
Vice President, Information & Technology Services

Sara Blanchard      
ME 1993
Business Analyst/CES Administrator

Kinsley Okekpe      
IT Services Coordinator

Lawrence DiVito      
Director of Biographical Data Processing

Maryanne Soto      
Biographical Data Processing Manager

Jessie Herrington      
Biographical Records Coordinator

Glenn Grastat      
IE 1993
Director of Gift Processing

Joanie Hansen      
Gift Processing Manager

Lillian Allen      
Gift Processing Specialist

Jackie Brown      
Gift Processing Specialist


Len Contardo      
Vice President, Alumni Outreach

Martin Ludwig      
Senior Director of Alumni Travel

Charlotte Anders      
Director of Career and Professional Development

Debra Ruddell      
Alumni Career Advisor

Kat Ballou      
Volunteer Programs Manager

Christian Reeves      
Volunteer Coordinator


Vallee Donovan   
MGT 1993
Vice President, Events

Mora Hostetter      
Senior Events Manager

Jessica Piechota      
Senior Events Manager

Tara Phouangphet      
Event Support Coordinator


Catie Miller      
STC 2007
Director of Student Outreach

Laura Giglio      
EE 2010, MS ECE 2011
Student Organizations Manager

Julie Palmer      
Student Organizations Manager

Abbey Callahan      
Student Organizations Coordinator


Jim Shea      
Vice President, Fundraising

Whitney Amos      
Leadership Giving Officer

Gerri Elder      
Donor Relations Manager

Stacey Hartmann      
Matching Gift Coordinator

Ron Davis      
Annual Fund Coordinator


Melanie King      
Vice President, Business Development

Holly Green      
Senior Manager of Business Development

Betsy Maddox      
Business Development Coordinator


Dawn Churi      
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Marilyn Somers      
HON 2008
Director of Living History

Scott Dinerman      
STC 2003
Video Producer/Editor

Cristina Easterbrook      
STC 2011
Web Marketing Manager

Nicole Whatley      
Events Marketing Manager

Kelly Sain      
Data & Research Channel Manager

Roger Slavens      
Editor of Alumni Publications

Melissa Fralick      
Assistant Editor of Alumni Publications

Mike Linz      
Email Marketing Coordinator

Letricia Denson      
Graphic Design Manager

Nicole Holubar      
MGT 2009
Network & Affinity Groups Marketing Manager