Share your expertise and passion by getting involved with one of our many volunteer opportunities.

Support Prospective Students
Interested in supporting the next generation of Yellow Jackets? Volunteer with your local Network or Affinity Group to help organize Accepted Student Meet & Greets, Student Send-Offs and fundraising efforts for scholarships.

Mentor Current Students
Students have the opportunity to expand their personal and professional development by being paired with an alumnus related to their field of interest. Fellow alumnus help support current students through Mentor Jackets.

Host a Dinner Jackets Event
Alumni and faculty, looking for a unique way to stay connected with Georgia Tech? Dinner Jackets is an opportunity for alumni and faculty to connect with current Georgia Tech Students, learn about the current campus climate, and provide experience and life perspective for future alumni. Please email julie.palmer@alumni.gatech.edu for more information.

Engage Alumni
Many Networks and Affinity Groups offer a wide range of programming for alumni that can include career counseling, professional development, academic, athletic, and recreational and cultural activities. Join your local Network or Affinity Group's leadership team to help organize and promote social, educational or community service events.