Georgia Tech’s commitment to pioneering sustainable practices pervades not only its teaching and research, but also its facilities and landscape. Find out how our campus serves as a living laboratory for improving sustainability’s “triple bottom line” of planet, people and profit.

Winter 2016 | Stories by Roger Slavens, Melissa Fralick and Osayi Endolyn   Photos by Rob Felt and Justen Clay


Though a popular buzzword in academic, business and policy circles today - sustainability remains a nebulous elusive term for many who have yet to embrace it.
Creating a sustainable campus doesn't just happen overnight. It takes years of planning. Find out how Tech is committed to making a positive environmental impact across its 400 acres. 
Behind the state-of-the-art building and recent improvements to campus are smart systems that help Georgia Tech operate more efficiently and sustainably. 
Georgia Tech took up the Living Building Challenge to create the most eco-forward education and research building in the Southeast.